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To Be Mindful

by Sierra Sparks, MFT on 06/06/19

The Gentle Reader with Steven Cooper


 To Be Mindful


Close your eyes... Take a deep breath…Take in the scent of your surroundings…



Listen to the vibrations around you.

Without trying to change anything at all, just allow yourself to shift into an Observer role...

Check in with Yourself. How are you feeling?

What’s been on your mind?

Much like seeing yourself in third person...

No tension, no anxiety, not allowing yourself to feel triggered...just...See. Feel. Breathe.


When we participate in mindfulness, we enhance our ability to take in any and everything that comes at us. Something profound begins to take shape: we remove Judgement from our consciousness, if only for the moment. We become more neutral in our perception. We become Empowered. We gain control, ironically, by letting go.


Mindfulness is perhaps the most talked about facet of the healing arts. It’s no secret why: It’s so liberating. It allows us to return to our Natural. We escape, if only for the moment, the perils and stresses of this physical realm. We become truly Attuned.


I invite you to generate for yourself, to create, Gentle Readers, your own moments of mindfulness, everyday. Wherever you are. Whatever you do. However things are going in your Life.

Just stop...breathe...turn loose...let go...slip into Mindfulness. Return to the Waking World.


Rumi captured it perfectly...”Look past your thoughts, so that you may drink the Pure Nectar of this Moment.”


Grounding tools to Welcome Mindfulness:

Essential Oil | Rub a drop onto your wrists. Breath in the scent throughout the day to ground yourself.

Water Beads | Buy some online or in art supply store. Soak in water and put into a wide container.

Stress Ball | Keep one or two at work or in your glove box. Imagine squeezing the tension out of you.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation | Visit the link:


Peace, Love, and Tranquility

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