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Couples & Marriage Counseling

My approach centers much around EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLES THERAPY and IMAGO. Both of these concepts are based on attachement theory. We work with couples to discover the reasons behind their reactions (anger, fear, distance, etc) and discover more effective ways to meet each others needs through positive emotional attachment (non-violent communication, re-attachment, growing together and helping one another discover and heal unmet needs and previous emotional wounds). 

Partnering and marriages may be one of the hardest challenges we face as adults – right up there with parenting! As we come up against our differences (in what we think, feel, need, or want) conflicts inevitably arise between ourselves and our partners. And given the high degree of investment we have in our relationships these conflicts can feel very threatening and extremely painful. 

In the face of these dilemmas we often fall into one of two patterns. In the first pattern we let go of our position and accommodate our partner’s needs and wants but, in so doing, disconnect from ourselves. Over time this leads to feeling lost, out of touch with one’s self, and resentful toward our partner. In the second pattern, we stand our ground, and dig in, but lose our sense of closeness with our partner. This leads to repetitious arguments, mutual hostility, feelings of rejection. 

I see my role as a couple’s and marriage therapist to help you shift out of these painful cycles and into more effective ones. I create a sense of safety where each person can be heard, understood, and respected. I help my couples earn to understand, accept, and even appreciate, your differences. In couples counseling I teach tools to help you negotiate solutions that are satisfying to both of you, and increase feelings of closeness and intimacy. 

However, marriage therapy can benefit couples by also offering a "boost" in your relationship. Don't wait until there re major problems. Therapy can increase passion, lovelife and connection to one another. 

Pre-Marital counseling available. 

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Sierra offers family therapy both in home and in our office in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Colfax and Roseville. Family systems counseling suggests that therapy based on family-systems principles is more likely to produce desired lasting change than working solely with individuals. The goal of family therapy is for family members to understand and accept their individual responsibility in the emotional functioning of the family unit. By learning to recognize the emotional patterns and how anxiety (and other emotions) are handled in the family, individual members can manage themselves in healthier functional ways. Exploring your family history is an exciting way to gain insight about yourself and your family members.