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Sierra Family Therapy Services ~ Child & Teen Counseling 
Grass Valley & Nevada City
Child Counseling and Therapy

Sierra has been the Clinical Director at a Residential Treatment Center for children with extreme behavioral and emotional issues. 

It can be very difficult to see your child struggle with emotional and behavior problems. It’s not easy for children to express what is bothering them. Whether your child is “out of control”, feeling sad most of the time, having difficulty making friends, or is struggling in school – positive change is possible. I work with families and children with behavioral issues using the nurtured heart approach and behavioral based interventions:, but we treat other issues as well such as depression, social issues, abuse, grief/trauma using child adapted EMDR, play therapy, and more. 

My approach is engaging with parents. You are vital to your children's mental health and well-being. I do parent coaching sessions and groups. It is often more effective for me to come into your home to observe and offer feedback/guidance. This can be negotiated on a case by case basis. 

I work to foster confidence and sense of empowerment in children. Therapeutic interaction addresses underlying issues, teaches coping skills to get children back on track, and sets them up for future success. Common areas of specialized focus:

  * Increasing confidence
  * Enhancing school performance 
  * Coping with stress
  * Learning self control
  * Improving communication
  * Behavioral problems and improvement through working on identifying         and targeting the function of the negative behavior(s) (ask me more about     this).

We also provide in-home intensive counseling and behavior modification.

Adolescent Teen Counseling and Therapy

Teenagers face a myriad of life-impacting choices during a time of great transition and vulnerability. Therapy can help teens understand their overall place in this world while offering a glimpse into the future. In counseling, teenagers are encouraged to explore their relationships and build life-long healthy decision making skills to fulfill their needs. Teens will benefit from the following:

  * Enhancing Self-Esteem
  * Facing Peer Pressure
  * Improving relationships with parents & friends
  * Managing Anxiety and Stress
  * Overcoming Depression
  * Understanding personal changes

At Sierra Family Therapy, my goal is to develop a relationship with you to create an effective treatment plan that addresses the needs of your child/teen and family. I work collaboratively with parents while keeping confidentiality of your child/teen.