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Sierra Sparks, LMFT

I am passionate about therapy because therapy saved me, changed me, challenged me, grew me and helped me become who I am today. In college I worked towards a law degree, then vet medicine, but something continued to draw me back to psychology and helping people. In my opinion and personal experience, therapy works. I have seen couples, families and individuals come through some amazing journeys. My approach is very interactive while providing a non-judgmental place for free expression of thoughts and feelings. 

I am currently owner and director for Sierra Family Therapy Center in beautiful Nevada County. Prior to this, I was the Clinical Director for a residential children's program. I left this position knowing that my true purpose was to work every day with my clients. We are a growing therapy center aimed at improving personal lives and family dynamics.

I was born and raised in Grass Valley (graduate of our local Nevada Union), I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at California State University of Sacramento and earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from Chapman University. 

When I'm not working with my clients, I enjoy spending time with my family of 4 - cooking, gardening, yoga, meditation, and best of all - being a wife and mom.

Shannon O'Shea, MFT Intern

I am in awe of the power of the human spirit, and I am inspired by the courage and strength it takes for a person to come to a place where they feel they no longer can be alone in a personal crisis and they reach out for support. It is in these very moments where grace is in motion and the potential for transformation is most fertile. I am passionate about working with others and feel honored in being part of someone’s journey of self-discovery as they uncover the root and causes of their lack of connection with others, depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, and overall stuckness. There is a saying in the world of recovery; “It is darkest before its dawn.” I offer a safe and nurturing environment for one to be seen and heard from a place of compassion as we move through your darkness and confusion together as you discover your new dawn. I have been working with adolescents, families, and individuals over eight years as the result of overcoming some devastating life circumstances, and I have found my purpose in serving others. I know what it feels like to feel alone and I know how scary it can be to reach out for assistance. I am guessing that if you are reading this, you have a deep understanding of what I am describing here. You do not need to be alone. Fear does not need block you from enjoying being fully alive. I work from a traditional and depth psychological framework where there is room for evidence-based practices as well as the unconscious work of dreams, images, and archetypes. Our depression or anxiety is simply an expression of something deeper inside of us that wants to be heard. Whether we end up working together or not, my deep wish is for you to find freedom from your pain and you are able to walk with dignity and grace throughout your life. 

“Just as evening gives birth to morning, so from the darkness arises a new light, the stella matutina, which is at once the evening and morning star.” -Carl Jung

Michelle "Chandra" Tracy MFT Intern

My practice is defined by a love for yoga and human potential, combined with the essence of our human nature. We all have urges and desires, the capacity for joy and pain. We have the potential to live inspired lives, but at times we become separated from this inspiration. My goal as a therapist is to help you become more present and mindful of what is working and what is not. I combine principles of Somatic Psychology, Mindfulness, Creativity, Art and conversation to offer you a safe place to work out your difficulties. I have experience with adults, couples, adolescents , teens, and families. I am particularly aware of the connection between our bodies, minds and hearts and that when we are disconnected from our bodies or our minds, then we find ourselves feeling out of sorts, depressed or anxious. We start by supporting and strengthening your relationship to yourself, to recover the pieces that may feel displaced, and find your inner power, so that you can thrive within your work, your relationships and your life. 

I specialize in anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, trauma, panic, and unresolved anger. I believe that these are at the core of other symptoms such as addictions and relationship issues. I am here to listen, to offer a safe space of non-judgment and awareness, so that you may find your way towards healing and wholeness. 

Lovie Bucknell, LMFT

Lovie uses a client-centered and strength based approach. She enjoys working with all populations, yet she has most experience with, and a joy in working with teenagers. She also uses sand tray as a modality for creative change in any age. Specializing in working with trauma, anxiety, depression, navigating through life changes, or just "bearing witness" to life. 

673 S. Auburn Grass Valley, CA ~ 530-913-5054